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The latest “Kenneth Robeson,” Will Murray has written 22 Doc Savage novels using a variety of pulp-era…


The latest “Kenneth Robeson,” Will Murray has written 22 Doc Savage novels using a variety of pulp-era outlines and text finished with a great deal of original writing. Murray started as fan who became one of the earlier researchers into the Doc Savage publishing history. He served as a consultant to both Bantam and Sanctum for their reprints of the novels. An accomplished writer, Murray took over the series as an author in 1991. He currently is writing other pulp characters for Steeger Books.
Murray’s Doc Savage novels to date:
184 – 1991 – Python Isle
185 – 1992 – White Eyes
186 – 1992 – The Frightened Fish
187 – 1992 – The Jade Ogre
188 – 1993 – Flight into Fear
189 – 1993 – The Whistling Wraith
190 – 1993 – The Forgotten Realm
191 – 2011 – The Desert Demons
192 – 2011 – Horror in Gold
193 – 2012 – The Infernal Buddha
194 – 2012 – Death’s Dark Domain
195 – 2013 – Skull Island
196 – 2013 – The Miracle Menace
197 – 2013 – Phantom Lagoon
198 – 2014 – The War Makers
199 – 2014 – The Ice Genius
200 – 2015 – The Sinister Shadow
201 – 2015 – The Secret of Satan’s Spine
202 – 2016 – Glare of the Gorgon
203 – 2017 – Empire of Doom
204 – 2018 – Mr. Calamity
205 – 2018 – The Valley of Eternity (included with Mr. Calamity)
Will Murray also published Six Scarlet Scorpions, a Pat Savage novel. (Reviewed by Catherine Lavallée-Welch.)

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  1. You missed a couple–Grotto of Spiders (all his own), Terror in Gold, The Ice Genius and Man Who Ruled the Sun. And last I heard (1999), it was Smoking Spooks.

  2. I’ve just started getting into the later Docs. I’ve read three of Murrays and although I find them a little uneven in quality, he does his best (and mostly succeeds) in capturing the Dent voice. And he tries to update the characters slightly. This is a bit distracting but overall is subtly done. Let’s hope he will be able to return to writing Doc very soon.

  3. Yes, Murray has done some excellent Docs. The first I ever read was WHITE EYES, back in ’93, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have yet to find PYTHON ISLE anr THE JADE OGRE, but I’m sure they’ll turn up one day.

  4. Currently (2011 as I write this reply to a much, much older thread) there are more Doc books planned officially completed and penned by Will Murray from Dent notes and chapters or outlines.    Also Grotto Of Spiders may be a book suggested by Philip Jose Farmer, which was mentioned in an essay and his books were never forthcoming (except for FEAST and the later MAD GOBLIN which were not Doc books but rather was pastiche stories, and his officially published ESCAPE FROM LOKI tale). 

  5. I have been a fan of the destroyer series l have entire set of the books. I have been a huge fan of doc savage since 60's also, my dad read magazines of doc savage.

  6. Is Will Murray still writing the Doc Savage novels? It's been 3 years since he wrote his last two. I am curious to know the answer.

  7. Michael, at the moment Conde Nast has not licensed anyone to produce new Doc Savage novels.

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