The Ice Genius

When William Harper Littlejohn unearths a shadowy figure transfixed in ice, the renowned archeologist understands that he has made the most momentous discovery of his brilliant career. For inscribed over the frozen form is this chilling warning:
Who is this monster? Why does his name strike terror into the hearts of brave men? Can even Doc Savage control him once he breaks free of his icy tomb?
From the Gobi Desert to war-torn Free China, the Man of Bronze and his fighting crew battle a threat so terrifying that it could change the course of human history….

The Ice Genius was one of the novels Will Murray had started when Bantam canceled the Doc Savage series. In 1996, Murray wrote “Phantom Lagoon takes place circa 1939, as does The Ice Genius, which will feature the return of a major Doc Savage foe. I haven’t placed them exactly in my Doc chronology, which is based on the order Dent wrote the novels as opposed to the Street & Smith publication order.” Murray described the action: “The most momentous discoveries are sometimes made by accident, so history tells us.
The navigator Christopher Columbus, considered a great man today, set out to discover a short cut to the East Indies, and stumbled upon the New World, hitherto-unknown.
It was an accident. Ignorance of the world’s spherical shape resulted in the great discovery. That Columbus died in abject poverty matters not a whit. The world changed forever because of him.”