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  1. Hi. I’m a major Doc Savage fan and collector, and believe it or not, I just discovered all of the hoopla surrounding “Bleeding Sun”. From all that I can tell, the novel was eventually actually written and serialized on this website. I have to know – is that really the case, and is it possible to get a copy of the text? Or is the ‘serialization’ also part of the gag? Great prank, btw, to all involved!

    Randall Sykes
    Marietta, Georgia

  2. Hello I’m Kevin , Thope this message finds you well.
    I’m writing to you because l’m interested in learning more about the inspiration behind Doc Savage, particularly his depiction as a scientist, surgeon, engineer and expert in many scientific fields.
    Specifically, I’m curious if you’re familiar with any interviews or quotes from Henry W. Ralston related to this topic. I’m asking because l’ve heard that
    Ralston may have had some insights into the inspiration behind Doc
    Savage, given that he came up with the idea before announcing to mr John l nanovic that they needed a character with “science adventures “and I’m trying to find more information on this subject. I thought that, as a researcher in this field, you might have some knowledge or resources that could be helpful.
    Thank you very much for your time.

    1. Kevin,

      I don’t know of any available interviews off hand. But it sounds like you already know much of the story.. You are correct, Ralston was the impetus behind the creation, and many of the novel plots of, Doc Savage. As the VP of Street & Smith in 1932, he worked with Editor John Nanovic on creating the character too serve as a adventure hero in the company’s line of pulp mags.

      There are few letters concerning Ralston in the Lester Dent collection at the State Historical Society of Missouri. As I remember, Ralston wrote one about motion picture rights, and some others where Nanovic mentioned Ralston’s plot ideas.

      You could also check out Will Murray’s collection of articles in his book Writings in Bronze.

      Finally, the Tom Barnett’s website https://bronzeicon.com/ might have some information on Ralston.

      I hope this helps a little. If you have any other questions, I suggest joining the Flearun at https://www.facebook.com/groups/flearun I am sure there will be people there who can answer most, if not all, of your Doc Savage questions.

      Take care,

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