The Jade Ogre

A desperate plea for help plunges Doc Savage into a maelstrom of horror aboard the Hongkong-bound liner Mandarin, where the depraved minions of the phantom predator, Quon, hold sway. As innocent passengers succumb to the insidious Jade Fever, and ghost-green hands pursue Doc’s beautiful cousin, Patricia, the mighty Man of Bronze races to solve a riddle that defies reason. For deep in the spider-haunted ruins of faraway Cambodia broods a twisted, armless creature with a face of jade — the Jade Ogre — whose power to project deadly, disembodied arms to any place on earth makes him the most dangerous foe Doc Savage has ever faced!

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1 thought on “The Jade Ogre

  1. I did like several sections of this novel, especially the parts with Pat (Boy, do I love that gal!). I also liked the villain, and his death gimmick was inventive. Unfortunately, like Will Murray’s novels, it feels like it is padded (I thought the whole section in Hong Kong could have been omitted) and slows and dulls the pace and excitement of the story, not like the crisp clean prose of Dent.

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