That was how the original Hidalgo Trading Company was announced in 1996.

The original goal of the HTC was to bring together the opinions of fans who didn’t want to create their own site. As everyone began to build websites HTC morphed into: to showcase an idiosyncratic look at Doc and, the net’s first attempt at a Doc Savage encyclopedia. was created first. It included all-new art and articles about Doc Savage. DocSavage,org was constructed as a Doc Savage encyclopedia. It also gave Doc fans a place to post their thoughts about each novel.

A hosting problem and everything was pushed offline. A lot of it was lost. I eventually recreated much from the two sites here at

On March 11, 2018, I revealed a new look for the HTC. Articles old and new are mixed with links to every Doc Savage novel. We’re including small biographies of the authors, editors, publishers, pulp illustrators, and post-pulp artists that brought Doc Savage to the fans.

Over the coming months, I hope to add, or re-discover, articles on Doc and the multitudes who contributed to his long life.


Chuck Welch