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Stanley Meltzoff

Stanley Meltzoff (March 27, 1917 to November 9, 2006) was best known for marine paintings. James Nobel…

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Frank McCarthy

There s no clear signature for the cover artwork of the Bantam edition of The Polar Treasure. The HTC would like you to consider Frank McCarthy.

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Hiram Richardson

Hiram Richardson illustrated the cover of the Bantam release Doc Savage Omnibus 3. Richardson began his cover…

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Roger Kastel

Roger Kastel painted two covers for Bantam: Doc Savage Omnibus 2 and Omnibus 3, a cover for Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life, and the poster for the film, Doc Savage: Man of Bronze.

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Joe DeVito

Joe DeVito (1957-present) has painted Doc Savage covers since 1991.

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Boris Vallejo

Boris Vallejo (1941- ) painted six Doc Savage covers for Bantam. Vallejo’s preferred artistic medium is oil…

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Douglas Rosa

William Douglas Rosa (1932-1977) painted two* Bantam covers in the Doc Savage series: The Lost Oasis and…

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James Avati

James Avati, 1912-2005, painted a single Bantam Doc Savage cover…

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Steven Assel

Steve Assel painted a single Doc Savage Bantam cover: Escape from Loki

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James Bama

James Bama is responsible for the image that many Bantam era Man of Bronze fans have when they think “Doc Savage.”