3 thoughts on “The Awful Dynasty

  1. A very sluggish Bogart tale. When left mostly to his own devices, Bogey could be a sleep-inducing writer. He needed Dent’s substantial revision to create standout tales.

  2. A silly, ho-hum story. I still had fun reading it, mainly because the “curse” was supposed to be utterly terrifying and horrible… but here is an example of the curse at work…”There followed a startled cry: ‘Good Lord! There’s something… here…in this room! It…it’s moving…like a big, fat bug!'”
    If that doesn’t get you shaking in your shoes, what will?
    “Good Lord! There… there’s a mouse…in…in this room! It…it’s coming at me! It…it’s stabbing me with a TOOTHPICK! Quick, call Doc Savage!”

  3. Well, I was going to actually try and seriously review this book, but after reading Scott Kimball’s comments I am laughing too hard.
    Here is another story that had potential but never delivers. All the elements are here, an ancient Egyptian curse, a beautiful princess, lost treasure, race to the Sahara and a battle in a pyramid. If Dent had written this it would have been spectacular.
    Proof positive that the writer truly matters. It is like a good builder; anyone can have all the right materials like wood and stone handed to them, but an inexperienced builder may just slap together a shoddy lean-to, whereas an architecture could construct a palace.

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