The Secret of the Su

The Nazis have offered three million dollars for the ancient treasure — and the insidious Dr. Light is eager to betray his country to feed his lust for power. Doc Savage and his amazing crew race toward the devastating secret buried in the Everglades. Deep in the jungle, they must battle a race of warriors from the lost continent of Atlantis — with the fate of the civilized world at stake!


2 thoughts on “The Secret of the Su

  1. I hustled through this one pretty quickly, It has a nice little mystery about an unknown race of people in the depths of the everglades, including some fabulous secret they posess. This is one of the war era Docs in which he and his aids (all five are present in this one as well as Pat) are portrayed with less bombast, spectacular fight scenes, gadgetry and so on. There is, however, plenty of action, with some fights and a little bit gadget use is employed. The early Docs are fun to read, but I often find that the later ones make a refreshing to read about a more realistic Doc Savage and crew. It is not the best Doc I have read thus far, but I recommed it.

  2. I enjoyed this war-era Doc. Doc and crew up against Nazis usually makes for a fun read and this one is no execption. Lots of good action and the famous footnotes, which are quite interesting this time around. The “secret” is also intriguing. One thing that’s fun about these war-era tales is the search for weapons to use in the war. Renny has whipped up something interesting in this one. He gets tortured, too. And Pat makes an appearance. All in all a fun read. Not great Doc, but very good Doc. I enjoyed it.

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