2 thoughts on “The Wee Ones

  1. The Wee Ones is wee in many aspects. It is a wee book, coming in at less than 100 pages. But much more importantly, it is a wee tale. It is a small town mystery, basically of nothing more than hoaxed greed. The story is melodramatic to the point of gagging, while nothing serious is really happening. The horror of “wee little people” cruising around town is so overplayed with nervous breakdowns and screaming antics that it makes the B horror movies of the 1950s look like masterpieces.
    But hey, every once in a while even Doc had to have an off day. If you need a wee bit of diversion one day, what better way to waste time than with Doc Savage. But if you are looking for one of his substantial, amazing, breathtaking dashes around the globe, please look elsewhere.
    Thomas Fortenberry

  2. Lester Dent based the plot of The Wee Ones in the mystery and real case of The Mad Gasser of Mattoon.
    Julián Puga V.

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