The Other World

From the moment Decimo Tercio appeared, it was obvious that everything connected with him was unearthly. His appearance was decidedly bizarre and the goods he carried for sale were astonishingly unique. The strange visitor remained on Earth less than four days, but in that short time he managed to lure Doc Savage into the most nightmarish escapade of his danger-studded career.


7 thoughts on “The Other World

  1. A GREAT “dinosaur” Doc. Though not quite as scary as ‘The Land Of Terror’, it is more “plausible”. Love Doc “mastering” the cavemen!

  2. This is another of the covers that I have the original James Bama oil painting of. Boy, did they do a disservice to the painting when they did the cover. The oringinal oil is more of a sepia tone brown than the cover’s orange hue. Most of the detail of the “varmits” has been lost too, including their blood red mouths.

  3. This has one of the best Bama Doc covers, with its nearly “primitive” aspect–Doc, the caveman, fighting off primitive beasts. The story, however, is one of a series Dent did when he returned to the Midwest; where Doc and his men have adventures in exotic locals such as Missouri and Kansas and Oklahoma. The Thirties adventures are over at this time and the world has become a more real and mundane place, now that the Second World War was underway. This novel passed a weekend for me, but I’ve never returned to it for a re-read.

  4. This one is a rare gem from 1940. It’s not exactly an epic Doc adventure, but the action is lean and mean and Dent’s wonderful talent for describing exotic locales really brings the Other World to life. Another notable section is where Doc nearly loses his battle with the killer ferrets portrayed on the cover. Dent creates a real sense of danger and dread in this book.
    Very enjoyable. A great summer read.

  5. This is one of the better of the 1940s Docs, and still has much of the spirit of the early, wild-n-wooly Dent adventures. It mines similar territory to “The Land of Terror,” but is nonetheless exciting and inventive throughout.

  6. Of the Doc in a prehistoric world stories, The Other World is the best. If just for the scene where Doc is pursued by giant hungry prehistoric weasels.

  7. I always liked the Bama cover,because I like weasels,and these sure look like weasels. A high school friend (I was in high school when it came out) refereed to Frank Zappa,and called it the "Weasels ripped my flesh" cover.

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