Devils of the Deep

A mysterious “sea monster” is sighted by fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico. Then a pirated submarine, using a powerful secret weapon, begins to terrorize shipping along the entire Atlantic seaboard. Hundreds die as warships of all nations join together to find and destroy the deadly menace. The chief suspects: Doc Savage and his loyal crew!


1 thought on “Devils of the Deep

  1. Devils of the Deep is an above average Doc story. It is based on a good mystery, has some strange and dangerous bad guys, A beautiful but mysterious woman, a unique though somewhat unrealistic weapon and concludes with a bang. I raced through this one in pretty short order. Doc and his crew end up being the suspects in the attacks on shipping off of the eastern and southern coasts of the U.S. A million dollar reward is offered for their capture and warships of numerous countries hunt for them relentlessly while they are trying to track down the Devils of the Deep. This one also has a unique moment where Doc is actually embarrassed. The only flaw of any signifigance is a slightly silly trick at the end which allows Doc to trick the bad guys. But nonetheless, I recommend this one.

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