7 thoughts on “Devil on the Moon

  1. A middle-of-the-road Doc adventure, though I enjoyed the character “Behemoth.” I think Dent really telegraphed the identity of the bad guy. And I really won’t go into that horrible hideout on the Moon angle.

  2. I agree with Chuck, middle of the road at best. And that moon angle is enough to put you off your beer. Ugh.

  3. A mysterious streak of light across the sky, a guy from the moon in a green suit crash landing… that’s good enough to ge me hooked. I thought this book was a lot of fun, but the end was a disappointment. Without giving it away, hopefully, I wished they actually took it “out there” a little further than they actually did. Too sci-fi for the ’30’s I guess.

  4. This was a really bad Dent novel. And the “travel to the moon” business is quite nearly embarrassing. However, I think this is one of the best Bama paintings ever. My Graphitti Design poster is framed and holds a prominent place in my home. It’s a brilliant red that is only hinted at on the cover of the paperback. Still, the novel stinks.

  5. This wasn’t the best Doc Savage novel. The moon stuff is kind of interesting, but you can tell that it’s not the moon easily. The first part with the medallion and the blue glass doesn’t go anywhere. I suggest you read other ones like “The Sargasso Ogre,” “The Magii,” and “The Fortress of Solitude,” all good ones. Vesterate’s disappearance isn’t the best. Definitely there are others to read before this one.

  6. Yep, this one is pretty wretched on all fronts: the writing is rushed and sloppy, the plot makes no sense and the villain induces howls of laughter (I refuse to believe any self-respecting evil henchman would work for someone who calls himself “The Man on the Moon” and holds a medallion between his teeth whenever he talks). The worst part is that the ending of “Devil” is disturbingly similar to that other Dent disgrace, “The Sea Angel” – which has always had my official vote for worst Doc in the series.

  7. I agree with you good folk — not one of the great ones. Still, as I’ve said elsewhere in these posts, any Doc is still better than no Doc at all. And that AWESOME Bama cover….!

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