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Lester Dent’s 1931 Mount Vernon, NY Apartment

In 1931 Lester Dent leased Apartment 1-D in Hutchinson Gardens (224 Brookside Ave. Mount Vernon, NY). He paid $105 a month for a furnished apartment.

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The Bantam Cover Story

From the 1997 Hidalgo Trading Archives: “As a professional artist Ron has a excellent eye for what sells books. As a bonus: Ron gives his view about why Bama’s covers attracted so many fans to Doc Savage.”

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Free Doc Savage Portrait

The Hidalgo Trading Company is here to help you score a Doc Savage portrait. All you need to supply is a time travel device….

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Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze 1975

10 Tidbits about the 1975 film, Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze

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Why Not? Pat Savage Stars in Six Scarlet Scorpions

There is a Pat Savage novel. Catherine LavallĂ©e-Welch lets us know how it turned out…

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The Modern Kenneth Robeson

The current list of Doc Savage novels written by Will Murray

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Winfried Gerhards: Doc Fantasy Cover Artist

Winfried Gerhards is a Hamburg, Germany Doc Savage fan with a penchant for recreating Doc Savage covers. His style is whimsical, but Gerhards’ covers are well-imagined.

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El Hombre de Bronce

Did you know Doc Savage was republished in Spanish? Neither did we, but a kind fan let us know all about El Hombre de Bronce! We’ve put together a list of Original and Spanish titles. (Originally published 1997)

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The 10 Doc Savage Novels That Were Quick or Slow to Be Published

Do you know which submitted pulp novels were the quickest or slowest to be published? We do…

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The Generic Doc Savage Title

If you are 15 years old, and really bored, you may decide to count the words used in Doc Savage titles. You may even post this on the web for other fans to see. Boy, are you twisted…