The 10 Doc Savage Novels That Were Quick or Slow to Be Published

Do you know which submitted pulp novels were the quickest or slowest to be published? We do…

The Polar TreasureIn a previous column we listed the order Doc Savage novels were submitted to the publisher. We weren’t finished. Below we have the five novels that were quickest “submitted to published” in days. We used the submitted date and subtracted it from the first day of the published month. (Yes, we know the novels weren’t published on that day, but we needed a consistent date.)
After the Quickest Five we have the Slowest Five. They are the novels that languished the longest on the editor’s desk.
Quickest Five
43 The Polar Treasure
68 The Man of Bronze
71 The Land of Terror
85 The Roar Devil
87 Quest of the Spider

The Motion MenaceSlowest Five
547 Mad Eyes
573 He Could Stop the World
574 The Magic Forest
608 The Rustling Death
688 The Motion Menace

Update: Nov 15, 2013: The current Kenneth Robeson, Will Murray, just noted on Facebook: “The motion menace actually knocked around for a year before being written, making it three years….”

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