4 thoughts on “What is going on????

  1. This reorg is too important to hurry up and screw things up. So lets it get it right and take all the time you need. Thats what Doc would say but he would also add that capable hands dont need to delay unnecessarily.
    Cant wait to see what the new site looks like.

  2. I agree. I just want to say a resounding “Thank You!” to Chuck Welsh for a magnificent web site. I’ve been a Doc Savage fan for 36 years now, and I have to say that Doc Savage Organised is the best site devoted to the Bronze Guy that I’ve found so far.

  3. Is this site ever going to go up again? 
    Chuck, I loved your site when it was up.
    Now I wonder – what’s up?

  4. Is the site still being maintained?  I left a comment on a novel more than a month ago, and it was never approve, and there seems to be no news.
    I hope it’s still being maintained, since it’s a wonderful site.

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