2 thoughts on “The Mindless Monsters

  1. First I want to comment on the cover “art” of Omnibus 2. what a joke. It is obviously an image that was cut out with a pair of scissors or x-acto knife (not too carefully, either) then slapped on a dark background. What’s more, Doc looks like such a goofball that I have a hard time taking any of the stories inside seriously. But as I read THE MINDLESS MONSTERS, I realized that the cover art almost works… Doc really looks like a brain-dead zombie which he almost becomes for a while in the story. While THE MINDLESS MONSTERS has some good elements, like some funny interplay between Ham and Monk, Monk and Johnny rescuing Doc and the rest of the gang, and it was full of action, but I found it somewhat of a chore to read. I like to be captivated by the scenes, characters, and action of a Doc book, and this one just did not do it for me. Could have been a good adventure. Atleast it was appropriately titled: The MINDLESS Monsters. It sort of numbed my brain the whole time I was reading it.

  2. This one was better than I expected. Alan Hathway wrote it, and to me he was one of the better Doc ghost writers. Right behind Ryerson Johnson.
    Too bad he only wrote 4 Docs.

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