The Hand of Death

Fresh from the battle torn skies of Europe Doc is confronted with a terrifying new mystery. What is this strange malady that strikes men down and rots the flesh from their bones? The mystery begins in New York but quickly moves to the fetid marshes of Louisiana. Doc and his amazing men battle a cruel gang in their quest for the secret of the Hand of Death.
The Hand of Death, a Doc Savage novel by Tom Barnett


2 thoughts on “The Hand of Death

  1. help ! i’m french, I have a yahoo ID, but I can’t download “the Hand of Death”. Can somebody help me or send me a copy on the web ?

  2. The Hand of Death is a great Doc Savage adventure. Though it is a self-proclaimed wartime novel, it is actually a good bridge between young and old Doc tales. It starts overseas, but quickly moves Stateside with a mystery that actually has little to do with World War II (yes it does directly connect, but not overpoweringly so). Also, Doc here is more like the younger Doc than the older nervous nelly wartime Doc. We don’t have to endure the sweating indecision and fumbling lack of heroics, though this features the more mature, seasoned Doc and the story lacks the overblown wild antics and over-the-top devices and villains of the early years. So it is the best of both worlds. Therefore, this is solid adventure and will be a joy to fans of both the younger and older Docs.
    Furthermore, Barnett introduces a fantastic new concept to the Doc Savage series. This should become a permanent part of the mythos and an endless source of future fanfiction. This tale is part of Doc Savage: The Secret Adventures (1941-1945). This brilliant idea opens World War II to lost tales of action and adventure, or

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