The Evil Gnome

A circus performer, a state governor and a respected banker — all murdered in the same mysterious way. As the Man of Bronze and his courageous crew rush to uncover the fiendish mastermind responsible, they are drawn more tightly into a web of awesome terror.
The Bantam cover of this novel is a close-up of the artwork from the Bantam edition of “Red Snow.”


2 thoughts on “The Evil Gnome

  1. One of the best Bantam covers! Even it is from Red Snow. I have a certain fondness for this one as it is the only one I own in Bantam and the original pulp (which, by the way, has a pretty good cover as well). But the proof is in the pudding or, in this case, between the covers. The mystery for this one is good but over the top so if you like your Docs that way (and I do!) this one’s for you. Ham gets a moment to shine, and action abounds. A lean, mean, exciting Doc. It isn’t one you’ll remember on your deathbed but it’s fun!

  2. I really liked this one. The main villian and the strange series of murders provide a genuinely CrEePy feel to the story. It is a quick read, with more mystery than action, but it is a good one. Starts out a bit slow, with all kinds of words from Circus lingo being introduced, then defined… maybe it was necessary, but it was like a tedious fifth grade vocabulary lesson… but once that was over, it really kept my attention.

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