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  1. How do I find Doc Savage novels? Also who is Lester Dent? I thought Kenneth Robeson, was the author of all the Doc Savage Novels!! Unless Dent is Robeson!!!
    Take Care; Ed

  2. Cinemarquee
    Cosmo’s Pulp Heroes Cafe
    Spies of the Silver Screen
    Screenwriter’s Lounge
    Attic Asylum Writer’s Resource Ensemble
    Dear Chuck Welch,
    We of Cinemarquee have tried to gather together some of the finest writing resources on the net for our various site and would love to add your website as a link to Cosmo’s Pulp Heroes Cafe, where we explore the development of pulp hero literature from its truition into infancy of espionage literature. I am a great Doc Savage fan and have read and collected a nearly complete set of the Doc Savage adventure series, on up to Will Murray. It would be a privilege to connect your wonderful resource. I use your site myself as reference for my own information. Our site has appeared on the Yale server, used as reference by students. I’ve enjoyed using your site. If you are interested, we would love to have you place any of ours sites as links on your site. All the best. John Edgerton.

  3. Does anyone remember a fanzine called the Doc Savage Reader and if so does anyone know where I can obtain a copy?

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