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Charles de Feo

The image for the July 1942 cover was by artist Charles de Feo. As part of the…

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Stanley Meltzoff

Stanley Meltzoff (March 27, 1917 to November 9, 2006) was best known for marine paintings. James Nobel…

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Frank McCarthy

There s no clear signature for the cover artwork of the Bantam edition of The Polar Treasure. The HTC would like you to consider Frank McCarthy.

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Harold Winfield Scott

Harold Winfield Scott (January 14, 1897- November 15, 1977) is credited with a single Doc Savage pulp…

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George Rozen

George Jerome Rozen (1895-1973) was the twin brother of Jerome George Rozen. Both worked as pulp artists…

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Charles J. Ravel

Charles J. Ravel is credited with five Doc Savage covers from August 1946 through December 1946…

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Robert G. Harris

Robert G. Harris (September 9, 1911 to December 23, 2007) painted numerous Doc Savage covers and was…

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John Philip Falter

John Philip Falter (February 28, 1910 – May 20, 1982), more commonly known as John Falter, was…

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Edd Cartier

Edward Daniel Cartier (August 1, 1914 – December 25, 2008) was known professionally as Edd Cartier. He…

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Walter Swensen

Though Walter Swensen (also credited as H. Swenson, Swenson, and Swensen) painted 11 covers for Doc Savage…