Bronze Refined as Silver

Writer Mark Eidemiller says of his story: “This is a story about Doc Savage. There may be die-hard fans of Doc who will view this story as sacreligious. But what I am striving for in this story is to set the character of Doc Savage in a direction he has never gone in before, an adventure that reaches beyond the physical and temporal. If this doesn’t appeal to you, stop reading here. I make no apologies for the concept of what I write.” You can find the novel here. (Update: Mark writes that this novel is now the first in the “Bronze Saga” trilogy July 22, 2003)
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1 thought on “Bronze Refined as Silver

  1. Having been a long time fan of Doc Savage, I just recently finished Bronze Refined As Silver. The story has a ever present and often repeated Christian theme presented to the reader. The story included the team of people you normally find around Doc with the additions of a preacher added to team as well as the wives and children of the original cast. Overall a somewhat interesting storyline.

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