Who Knew What Evil?

Fans of the Doc Savage Series will want to read another of Lester Dent’s novels, The Golden Vulture. Part of The Shadow series, it was Dent’s first for Street and Smith and won him the Doc Savage contract. It’s been republished, and we have the ordering information inside…

In 1932, Lester Dent was given the opportunity to write a novel for the highly successful Shadow series. Walter Gibson was penning two Shadow novels a month and Street & Smith hoped someone could take some of the burden.
Dent’s novel was revised by Gibson and published as The Golden Vulture. Luckily for Doc fans, Dent did such a good job he won the Doc Savage contract and instead went on to helm his own series.
Publisher Anthony Tollin has undertaken the herculean effort to reprint every Shadow and Savage novel. In the Shadow Volume 1, he reprints Dent’s novel.

The first volume of this new series reproduces both original covers by George Rozen, plus all of the original interior illustrations by Edd Cartier. This book also includes new historical background articles by popular culture historians Anthony Tollin and Will Murray (who collaborated posthumously with Dent on seven new Doc Savage novels published by Bantam).

These are not mere reprinting of old Street & Smith plates. Tollin’s volumes restore cut text and fix printing errors from the original publications. In addition, every volume contains extensive information about the authors, illustrators, and others responsible for producing the novels.
Starting this week, we’ll add Tollin’s reprints to our Doc Savage pages. We’ll include cover scans and promotional blurbs (alas, not penned by Nick D’Annuzio) and ordering information.
For now though, Dent fans will want to order a copy of Shadow Volume 1 for $14.95 (12.95 plus $2 media mail postage). Additional books on the same order are postage free (2 books=$25.90 postpaid, 3 books=$38.15, etc.). All volumes are shipped in protective cardboard. Orders are made through a Paypal payment to: orders@shadowsanctum.com or the preferred method of a check to:
Anthony Tollin
P.O. Box 761474
San Antonio, TX

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