1 thought on “The Three Devils

  1. I’m going to make this one short and sweet. This is one of the worst Docs I’ve ever read, IMO, and I’ve read 170 of the novels. Doc and his aids are so incompetent in this one that a good Boy Scout troop could take them out. There are only two good things I can say about it. Dent shows his vast knowledge and cleverness at plotting by centering the novel on a Nazi plot to take over or ruin the Canadian wood industry. It sounds prosaic, especially compared to nonsense like the Indiana Jones movies and Ron Goulart’s Avenger novels, but think of how important wood pulp is to modern industry Secondly, scenes of torture offer some really grim moments near the end. These are very well-written –reading them set my teeth on edge — but they are not worth reading the rest of the novel.

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