3 thoughts on “The Flying Goblin

  1. This one has a special place in my memory beyond the story. When I was a kid in the 70s, this Doc was around the house for years and the cover scared me silly! That’s right I was terrified of Doc Savage!! And oddly enough, years later, when I finally started reading the series and enjoying it, this one was the second book I picked up. As for the story, it is a bit of a curve ball. The villain wants to end all war in the world — a noble idea — but unfortunately is going about it the wrong way. Quite the change of pace from the power-hungry villains Doc usually faces. The Flying Goblin does fly but has very little to do with Goblins. The pace is good, this one really moves and it’s one of the shorter novels so it makes for a pleasant evening’s reading. If the cover doesn’t scare you silly!

  2. I always enjoyed this one, despite the fact that it was partially ghostwritten. The eerie opening chapters and breach of Doc’s secure college are classic. Still wonder what Doc’s cryptic statment meant for Birmingham Jones…

  3. Just finished this one… it was better than I expected. Only at the end does it fall apart a little, with a far-fetched choice as the villain mastermind and the science behind the secret weapon and its delivery system not too solid.
    But Bogart was a better writer than I expected – even if he ain’t no Lester Dent!

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