4 thoughts on “Haunted Ocean

  1. This is my favorite of Doc’s adventures. The best of his scientific prowess is on display in the airplane/submarine invention. This is just fantastic. Doc is at his top, no pushover. Great read.

  2. I enjoyed this one. The writing was uneven but there was no shortage of action and the story had some surprising spiritual overtones. I liked Doc meeting with the president and Doc’s early rescue at the hands of the fabulous five. A real rescue, not one of those Doc-would-have-got-out-of-it-on-his-own scenes. He was done for until his aids showed up. I recommend this adventure.

  3. I guess I enjoy Donovan’s Doc tales precisely BECAUSE he pitted Doc against some of the most serious threats of his career AND played up his ultra-human characteristics. Great drama and inventiveness in this story.

  4. “Haunted Ocean” starts strong, but then collapses into a typically incoherent Donovan mess. The man simply could not write understandable action scenes. There are huge sections of this book where it’s virtually impossible to tell what’s going on. The situation isn’t helped by Donovan’s infuriating habit of crash-landing new characters into the story without the slightest bit of context or background (I challenge anyone to tell me who the hell Zarkov and Larrone were). But the story’s biggest problem is that the nature of the “power of light” is never explained

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