2 thoughts on “Danger Lies East

  1. This is one my favorite post WWII Doc stories. A more world threatening menace than was the norm in this era of Doc. Great espionage tale and chillingly prophetic in a way.

  2. Danger Lies East is on of the high-voltage, electric-wire style Doc spy thrillers of the late WWII and post war era. It is a good story involving Washington and the Middle East, which hinges on the rise of a mysterious Arab named Nesur. Nesur is a kind of Arab ultranationalist, in the vein of Hitler, who if not caught can succeed in uniting the Arab world and lighting its fuse. This mission is a race against the clock to identify and stop Nesur. It shows the American government putting all their hopes on Doc Savage to come through and save the Middle East, and hence world, from erupting into another World War. The action centers in Egypt, but in typical Doc Savage style it accurately predicts the future and portrays the Middle East powder keg of tensions between Jews, Arabs, and East versus West — revolving around Palestine. There are not only some powerful, tense moments of action in this tale, but also some accurate statements on cultural and political wars in the Mideast.
    Overall, this book is one that grows in importance and value, especially since 9/11. It proves once again Dent knew the world like the back of his hand and could not only accurately portray it, but like H.G. Wells and Jules Verne before him he could extrapolate trends of history and come close to predicting the future.
    Thomas Fortenberry

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