The Stone Death

Men who turn to stone is the stuff of mythology. There is simply no room for a medusa in the scientific world of 1940. Then a mysterious summons leads Doc Savage to once living men turned to stone! The Man of Bronze and his fearless crew pursue the Medusa …until the “Stone Death” is turned on Doc Savage himself! Can even he survive its awesome power?

Following quickly on the heels of Bleeding Sun, The Stone Death was serialized online before being released by the author, Jeff Deischer, in a 2012 self-pubished edition. In his introduction, Deischer noted “This story can’t, of course, be published for sale, because Doc Savage is a copyrighted character. The Stone Death was written as fan fiction, because I’d had trouble writing a novel, and I thought that I could do better with Doc, because my own natural pulp style is similar to Dent’s own…”

Deischer added, “Will Murray insisted — rightly or wrongly — that I post no more Doc Savage fan fiction after The Stone Death. Since we were friends, still are, I respected his wishes.”

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