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Pulp Publication List

A easy to print list of all Doc novels by Pulp publication date.

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Valley of the Vanished

Doc Savage fans understand that Doc’s career really took a turn when his father stumbled on the…

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Reading the Sanctum Reprints in Pulp Order

Those who have purchased all the Sanctum reprints of the pulps might want to read them in original pulp publication order. We’re happy to present you that list…

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Ron Hill’s Doc Savage Covers

In the 1990s, artist Ron Hill imagined some Bantam covers for novels that didn’t get their own. The Hidalgo Trading Company was proud to publish the first three. (Sadly, the only three.)
With his kind permission, we’re republishing those covers…

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The Ring of Fire

Doc Savage from the minds of David Avallone and Dave Acosta

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States Never Mentioned in the Original 182 Doc Savage Adventures

Here’s a little Doc Savage trivia tidbit…

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Title Name With Dashes

There’s a very simple way to find any Doc Savage novel on the Hidalgo Trading Company…

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Take Away the Lady – 1944 Lester Dent Newspaper Serial

In 1944, the Lester Dent story, “Take Away the Lady” was serialized in various newspapers. Here are the links to the full story in the Florence Alabama Times…

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Lester Dent Gravesite

Lester and Norma Dent are buried in La Plata, MO in the La Plata Cemetery

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Lester Dent’s 1931 Mount Vernon, NY Apartment

In 1931 Lester Dent leased Apartment 1-D in Hutchinson Gardens (224 Brookside Ave. Mount Vernon, NY). He paid $105 a month for a furnished apartment.