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Sanctum Books

Sanctum Books republished all the pulp-era Doc Savage titles — including The Red Spider. (The novel was shelved in 1948 and printed in 1975 by Bantam Books.) The Sanctum editions were usually two novels per volume and included original pulp artwork. (Unlike the Bantam reprints.) The Sanctum books also often include articles by Will Murray and occasionally material that had been removed from the original manuscript by the pulp editor. The covers usually utilize the original pulp art, but some issues were published with variant Bantam covers.

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Altus Press

In association with author Will Murray, Altus Press (founded by Matt Moring) has published a series of…

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Bantam Books

Bantam Books reprinted the Doc Savage pulps from 1964 through 1990. Bantam was the first published of…

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Street and Smith

Street and Smith was the original pulp publisher of Doc Savage Magazine. The series was created by…

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Harold Winfield Scott

Harold Winfield Scott (January 14, 1897- November 15, 1977) is credited with a single Doc Savage pulp…

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George Rozen

George Jerome Rozen (1895-1973) was the twin brother of Jerome George Rozen. Both worked as pulp artists…

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John L. Nanovic

Credited with co-creating Doc Savage, John Leonard Nanovic (October 7, 1906 – February 9, 2001) was the magazine’s first editor.

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Mr. Calamity

Prospecting in the Wyoming badlands, Patricia Savage spies a man swimming in circles—high in a cloudless sky! After he falls to his death, the dead swimmer is discovered soaked to the skin. Who is he? How did he manage to swim through thin air?
These are the questions Pat sets out to answer when her cousin, the famous scientist-adventurer Doc Savage, diagnoses her account as a hallucination caused by altitude sickness. But when the bronze-skinned girl vanishes, the Man of Bronze is forced to take action… (Includes the bonus Doc Savage short… The Valley of Eternity)

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Charles J. Ravel

Charles J. Ravel is credited with five Doc Savage covers from August 1946 through December 1946…

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Robert G. Harris

Robert G. Harris (September 9, 1911 to December 23, 2007) painted numerous Doc Savage covers and was…