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William G. Bogart

William G. Bogart ghosted fourteen Doc Savage novels. He’s also known among Doc fandom for The Crazy Indian, a short novel originally written as Doc Savage adventure; however, when Bogart lost his spot as a Robeson, he rewrote this story as a stand-alone novel about a group called The Adventurers. Essentially, Bogart only changed the names, although in at least one spot a character is called “Monk.” Oops. Tom Johnson’s Fading Shadows press reprinted The Crazy Indian in Action Adventure Stories # 17, but that issue is now out of print, according to the Fading Shadows web site. Bogart...

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Harold Davis

Harold A. Davis was the first ghostwriter to fill in for Lester Dent on Doc Savage. And if not for his work on this character, even fewer people today would have heard of Davis. Davis wrote under a variety of pseudonyms as well as his own name. He didn’t create any high-profile characters; he wasn’t a prolific pulp powerhouse like so many of the writers of the time who remain well known today. He didn’t move from the pulps to the slicks and then to book sales. In baseball parlance, he was a utility player, with his stories filling...

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