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Charles Moran

Charles Moran ( ) replaced the original Doc Savage editor, John Nanovic, and altered the direction of Doc Savage Magazine. Moran downplayed the fantastic adventures, gadgets, and larger-than-life villains in favor of a style best described as Doc Savage, Private Investigator. Moran’s time as editor was a mere six months, but the magazine continued down the PI...

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William J. de Grouchy

In December 1943*, Street & Smith editor and promotions manager William John de Grouchy (1889- Nov. 29, 1954) was named the Editor for Doc Savage magazine. However, Will Murray has written that Babette Rosmond actually did the work though she assigned the Doc Savage novels to her unnamed assistant. de Grouchy had previously edited the Shadow magazine and ran a company, Penn Art, that eventually supplied the art for the comic and other publications. * – Marilyn Cannaday states January 1944 in Bigger Than Life: The Creator of Doc Savage Obituary – December...

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Emery Clarke

John Emery Clarke (1911-1990) painted a number of Doc Savage covers for Street and Smith. “The friendship between Clarke and Gladney is poignantly recorded on the December 1938 cover of Doc Savage, which features a self-portrait of Emery Clark (top left with gray hair and glasses) beside a portrait of Graves Gladney (in center with fedora and cigarette).” — Pulp...

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Six Scarlet Scorpions

When a man so anemic that he could be a vampire’s victim comes to Patricia Savage for rescue, the impetuous girl can’t say no. Excitement is her meat and danger her dessert.

Accompanied by Doc Savage aide, Monk Mayfair, Pat finds herself in the worst danger of her life. Wanted for murder, hounded by the minions of a weird mystery figure calling himself Chief Standing Scorpion, narrowly evading the hordes of the Vinegarroon tribe, the bronze-skinned golden girl battles her way to a sinister secret cached in an ancient ruin.

From the oilfields of Oklahoma to the forbidding Ozark Mountains, the trail of scorpionic doom winds. Will Pat Savage’s first great adventure also be her last?

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The Ice Genius

When William Harper Littlejohn unearths a shadowy figure transfixed in ice, the renowned archeologist understands that he has made the most momentous discovery of his brilliant career. For inscribed over the frozen form is this chilling warning:


Who is this monster? Why does his name strike terror into the hearts of brave men? Can even Doc Savage control him once he breaks free of his icy tomb?

From the Gobi Desert to war-torn Free China, the Man of Bronze and his fighting crew battle a threat so terrifying that it could change the course of human history….

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