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The Stone Death

Men who turn to stone is the stuff of mythology. There is simply no room for a medusa in the scientific world of 1940. Then a mysterious summons leads Doc Savage to once living men turned to stone! The Man of Bronze and his fearless crew pursue the Medusa …until the “Stone Death” is turned on Doc Savage himself! Can even he survive its awesome power?

Read The Stone Death, a Doc Savage novel by Jeff Deischer, at DocSavage.Info

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Bleeding Sun

Doc and his courageous crew race to the Far East to combat the Axis plague! Can they solve the mystery of an insidious new weapon certain to turn the tide of the war? What causes the sun to turn red and ships to disappear? Can mere light really turn a man to smoke and ashes? Will Doc and Monk save Ham in time or will he too die under a bleeding sun?

Read the origin story of the Bleeding Sun.

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The War Maker

Fiana Drost was the first one to discover the terrible black thing that could not be seen, touched, smelled or explained.
The thing was in fact not known to be black, but was only supposed to be black. Rather, a smothering impenetrable blackness was the predominent sensation of those who came into contact with the impossible darksome thing and lived to speak of it. Or perhaps it was after all black. No one could say–not even those who stared directly into the blackness and heard the beating of its leathery wings.
It was confusing to say the least.

From Will Murray’s introduction to the 1996 publication of the first four chapters of The War Maker:

“The War Maker is based on the unused portions of the outline to The Devil Genghis–which is most of it actually!– and falls neatly between Fortress of Solitude and The Devil Genghis. It’s designed to tie up a lot of loose ends left dangling when those novels were spaced apart, defeating Dent’s plan to run them as consequtive adventures.”

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The Crimson Jaguar

In 1923, the Amazon Basin is a wild little-explored jungle. Just the sort of place for a young adventurer named Clark Savage, Jr. to discover the secret of the Crimson Jaguar.

Phillip Jose Farmer proposed this novel in his afterword to Omnibus 13.

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Invisible Nation

You see them everyday. They are the people who serve your lunch, the policeman on the corner, the woman next to you on the bus. Though they are your neighbors they are not like you. They are members of an Invisible Nation. They can not be identified. No one knows their plans or their loyalities. First, the Man of Bronze must crack the code of their secret language. Doc has to work fast to discover their goals before it’s too late!

Phillip Jose Farmer proposed this novel in his afterword to Omnibus 13.

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