The Devil Genghis


A fantastic horror has come out of the polar regions — a menace so bizarre it causes men to go insane! The Man of Bronze and his courageous crew penetrate the rugged Asian interior on a perilous mission: to find out the source of this mystery and smash the evil genius who controls it.

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  1. Barry Ellis

    The return of John Sunlight!! The only villain ever deemed worthy by Dent for a rematch with Doc! This is one of the stories that define the Doc Savage “mythology”. For that alone this tale should be considered “essential Doc”!!!

  2. Bryan Bullock

    I will always have a soft spot for “The Devil Genghis.” I consider it one of the finest Doc novels, despite its being set firmly in the “Doc as Gadgeteer/God” era of the stories. Nonetheless, it is an exciting, mysterious adventure, with a strange force moving out of the polars snows and driving men mad as it goes. It requires the crew to solve a somewhat creepy little mystery and fight what has to be their greatest menace: John Sunlight, the only enemy ever to face Doc TWICE. All in all, an excellent Doc story, and of course, it is particularly special to me: The Devil Genghis is the first Doc story I ever read.

  3. John Sunlight

    I always felt Dent’s portrayal of me was unfair. I come across as a naive and pathetic. Frankly, my plans of a benevolent dictatorship should have been embraced by Dr. Savage, one of the few individuals in the world who truly realized the fulness of my ideas. I think my fans realize that Savage was a little bit jealous.

  4. Andrew Salmon

    This one is a true sequel, the first and only in the classic Doc canon. Although this story is not as personal (as far as Doc is concerned) as Fortress Of Solitude, it is still a gripping tale. The mytersy builds nicely and John Sunlight is only revealed as the mastermind more than halfway through. With Genghis and Fortress, Dent has created the most worthy opponent Doc has ever faced and it’s too bad Dent only penned 2 adventures. Both are worth reading. I read them back to back and they were double Doc dynamite!

  5. This was the third Doc Savage novel I was able to read in pulp form before the paperback came out, and I really liked it. Actually I read it _before_ Fortress of Solitude came out in paperback so I already knew that John Sunlight had escaped his fate. It’s a good story and Doc and his aides get into some real jams in pursuit of the Devil Genghis. The Fred Pfeiffer cover isn’t bad either. This is one of those books a die-hard Doc fan absolutely must read.

  6. Steve Hartle

    Hey all of you Doc Roger Zelazney’s great book “Roadmarks”…he sneaks Doc Savage and John Sunlight into the story…and only a Doc Savage fan would catch it, because no names (just descriptions) are used. Reading this book made me start reading my Doc novels again after a long hiatus…wish I had never “grown up”!

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