In the mysterious land of the sphinx, Doc Savage and his crew confront a sinister foe — who uses a pharaoh’s curse and machine guns to carry out his evil will. Doc trails the malevolent genius to his remote hideout, just as his friends are scheduled for sacrifice to bloodthirsty gods!


Do you have trouble remembering how to spell this title? So did an editor* at Doc Savage Magazine in 1944: “When Dent submitted The Pharaoh’s Ghost, this woman thinking the word Pharaoh was spelled incorrectly, reversed the final vowels in Pharaoh in the title and throughout the text. When the proofreader corrected her, she stubbornly overrode him, and The Pharaoh’s Ghost became The Pharoah’s Ghost!” — Will Murray, Writings in Bronze

* – Babette Rosmond‘s assistant, per Murray