The King of Terror


A ruthless madman is plotting to rule the world. His ingenious plan involves an enigmatic woman, a psychotic surgeon, and a strange and powerful fog that muddles men’s minds. First, they have to kill Doc Savage. And Doc’s vengeance begins only after he is dead!

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  1. Andrew Salmon

    “They killed Doc Savage on Saturday.”

    Without a doubt one of the best, if not the best, opening line of a Doc adventure. Don’t let the title fool you, King of Terror aims for laughs. This lighthearted romp features a great comic turn by Monk and Ham as ridiculous “undercover” agents while Doc is locked up. Their goofiness is offset by Francis and Percy, gentlemen pychopaths. There are some interesting bits of action as well. Doc and Monk/Ham communicating through singing, a trip to Hidalgo and an interesting mystery. And who knew Monk had a cousin? Handsome Mayfair? Well, he’s no Pat Savage. All in all a fun, if somewhat offbeat adventure.

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