The All-White Elf


A weapon of incredible hypnotic power has fallen into evil hands. Doc Savage must uncover the secret of the paralyzing peril — or face a fiery death at sea.

The Bantam cover of this novel reuses a part of the artwork from the Bantam edition of “The Phantom City.”

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  1. Andrew Salmon

    This one had its moments. Some good action and interplay between the characters. However the ‘mystery’ wasn’t that mysterious and the climax somewhat weak. An average Doc all around.

  2. Todd Pence

    This was actually the first Doc I ever read, since Omni 1 was the first Doc book I ever owned. Although I didn’t finish it a the time. I wouldn’t recommend it as an introduction to the series. Although well plotted and exciting in its own right with an interesting central plot element, it is not written with very much oomph.

  3. Mack

    This was the book that started it for me. I borrowed a copy of the Doc omnibus from my friend when I was staying at his cottage and could never find the will to put it down. Call me weird, but Doc Savage has gotten me interested into reading in ways Harry potter couldn’t!

    The plot was intriguing with a mysterious weapon and strange, seemingly supernatural, creature called the all-white elf. I never say it coming at the end their and I just have to say that it was the best of the four books in that Omnibus!

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