The Mountain Monster


The monster came without warning. It came as Indian legend had said it would come, in the night and while a storm raged. It brought terror and horror to peaceful Arcadia Valley. It transformed an Alaskan paradise into a panic-stricken, fear-blanched hell. Only one man could stop it — the Man of Bronze.

Note: The Bantam edition incorrectly lists an original publication date of “January 1938.”

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  1. Chuck Welch

    Another ho-hum Davis. I never had any interest in the “monster.” I liked the opening chapter not showcasing any of the regular characters. The ending though was flat and the bad guys were cardboard.

  2. A groan: according to the indian legend, the monster will leave forever when it has feasted on the heart of a “bronze-haired man”.
    A groan of disbelief: Ham and Monk practising, with success, telepathy.
    I didn’t know there was that much agriculture done in Alaska.
    The monster, at the end, is, as always, a big disapointment.

  3. Andrew Salmon

    Ugh! A mechanical spider! As any Doc fan knows it’s a fine line revealing the “mystery” to be something fake and contrived and difficult to do well. As this one hinges on the “monster” the realy story takes the air out of it. Not Doc at his best.

  4. This is a badly-written, turgid novel and the “giant spider” being suspended by a blimp just doesn’t cut it. Not at all a good Doc and proof that few of Dent’s ghost-writers ever came close.

  5. Richard Cording

    I agree with all of the above comments — this one was HORRIBLE! Coming from an otherwise good “ghost” like Harold Davis is a bit of a let-down. Even the cover, by Vallejo, is a warning to keep away!

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