James Bama is responsible for the image that many Bantam era Man of Bronze fans have when they think “Doc Savage.”

In addition to his 62 Doc Savage covers, James Bama painted covers for the Nevada Jim series and numerous paintings on western themes. More information can be found at James Bama: American Realist.

For many modern fans, this is Doc Savage they remember from their youth.

However, this was Bama’s first take on Doc Savage before Len Leone at Bantam Books requested the widow’s peak.

That painting looks oddly familiar, but what is it doing on a Doc Savage website? Well, first, the artist is James Bama. Yes, the Bama who painted the best Bantam covers. That’s why it looks so familiar. Second, I chose this Bama painting as the subject reminds me of an elderly John Sunlight.

Who is this? I like to think this is Bama’s version of Pat Savage. Doc fan Paul Cook rightly points that Bama works for cash and probably didn’t paint this lady as his view of Pat. Still, I like to think the bug hit him one day and he just had to paint his version of Doc’s cousin.

Doc Savage fan and Flearun member Biblioman contributed scans of Doc Savage in his earlier incarnation as Nevada Jim. Actually, you can recognize Bama in these illustrations for a series of western novels. Personally, these poses and colors give me Doc Savage flashbacks. I’ll leave it to readers of this page to comment on which Doc Savage cover matches which Nevada Jim cover.

Want more Bama? Or even more Bama?

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Mike Wysocki

I fell in love with Doc Savage back when I was a teenager in the 60's. There was always something about waiting for that Bama cover to show up every month.