Pulpfest 2012 is Mere Months Away

Feb 12, 2012 by

Pulpfest 2012 is Mere Months Away

The annual pilgrimage for pulp fans is making a pair of changes this year. First off, the con is moving to downtown Columbus. From August 9th to the 12th, the Hyatt Regency Hotel will host Pulpfest. Room rates will be $109 a night, which includes parking for one. It’ll probably be best to split your room with someone without a car. You can find more information here about the hotel and surrounding amenities.

Since 2009 the Munsey Award has been awarded to “a deserving person who has given of himself or herself for the betterment of the pulp community, be it through disseminating knowledge about the pulps or through publishing or other efforts to preserve and to foster interest in the pulp magazines we all love and enjoy.” Starting in 2012, the Munsey has been renamed The Rusty Hevelin Service Award in honor of the man who guided Pulpcon and influenced the Pulp fan world for many years.

This year’s guest of honor is author Mike Resnick. Some highlights of Pulpfest 2012 programming include “How French Literature May Have Influenced American Pulp Heroes” with Rick Lai, Christopher Paul Carey will read from his novel co-authored with Philip José Farmer, the FarmerCon VII panelists will “discuss a sampling of the Burroughsian works of Philip José Farmer,” panels on the depiction of Mars in pulp fiction and J. Allen St. John, the artist most associated with Edgar Rice Burroughs, a panel on Conan of Cimmeria and much more.

The early bird Pulpfest registration this year is $30. Children 15 & younger are free. Dealer tables are $70 or $80, which does not include Pulpfest membership.

You can get more information about Pulpfest at the website, email, RSS feed, Facebook page or Twitter account.


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Pulpfest 2011

Jul 27, 2011 by

DocSavage.org is back, though not in the updated condition I expected. The new design was causing major readability issues. So I’ve reverted to the previous look while I attend Pulpfest. Look here for nightly updates and breaking Pulpfest news for the next four days.


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Will Murray Working to Publish New "Wild Adventures"

Aug 1, 2010 by

At the 2010 Pulpfest author Will Murray spoke to a crowed room of Doc fans eager to hear news from the latest “Kenneth Robeson.” Murray, who wrote seven Doc adventures using materials from the Lester Dent archives, announced he had secured the rights to publish new Doc Savage novels.

Will Murray (flip)

Will Murray at Pulpfest 2010
Photo CC by Chuck Welch

Murray explained Conde Nast (copyright holders for the Doc Savage character) had given him the right to publish seven new novels and reprint his seven published novels. Murray is in negotiation with a publishing house to produce the novels in paperback form — either in traditional or trade paperback size. Citing ongoing negotiations, Murray refrained from naming the publisher other than to state it wasn’t Anthony Tollin’s Sanctum Books. Tollin’s publishing house currently reprints the original Doc Savage novels from the 1930s and 40s.

The real reason I do this is to salvage the Lester Dent experience. — Will Murray

Murray unveiled a proposed cover for the first of the new novels, The Desert Demons. The cover used original art by Joe DeVito, cover artist for Murray’s seven novels published by Bantam. Murray explained the cover used a painting of Doc commissioned by Jack Juka and applicable to Murray’s story.

Murray explained the new novel was based on material unearthed during his research into Lester Dent’s papers. In 2005, Murray found a discarded Dent chapter that “introduced Doc in a whole different way.” Murray explained the chapter fit into a Doc novel he was considering, but would take it into a new direction.

Murray explained he wanted his new novels to be “over the top.” “We’re trying to take Doc somewhat out of the envelope,” Murray added. He said the stories would be similar to adventures such as those found in The Spook Legion or Repel.

Murray concluded the presentation by answering audience questions about his working methods, writing philosophy and information about the proposed seven novels. Later this week, the Hidalgo Trading Company will publish additional information about the new novels.


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