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Doc Savage on the Funny Pages

Doc Savage Comic

We rarely feature Doc Savage material that doesn’t reside in the Hidalgo Trading Company. (Links get moved, sites close, and other problems just remind us it’s better to keep everything in-house.) That said, rush over to Rip Jagger’s Dojo to read The Return of Dave Cockrum’s Doc Savage — two weeks of Doc for the funny pages. Continue Reading →

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What is the Hidalgo Trading Company?

The text below was written on the sixth anniversary of the Hidalgo Trading Company, the site I started in September 1996. It’s now almost 13 years of running a Doc Savage site. Some years were lean as Catherine and I spent more time raising the next generation Doc fan, but I’m looking forward to continuing the tradition of the HTC here on DocSavage.org… From September 2002…. What is the Hidalgo Trading Company? Continue Reading →

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