The Generic Doc Savage Title

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The Generic Doc Savage Title

If you are 15 years old, and really bored, you may decide to count the words used in Doc Savage titles.

You may hide this from your mother who finds you a bit too obsessed with the books in the first place.

Years later, with the advent of inexpensive home computers you check your work. You decide that you were pretty close. Not bad for a bored 15 year-old.

What had you found? Well, the most used word is the. This isn’t a big suprise since most books started with the. How many? 119 with 13 serving their place in the middle of titles.

As a matter of fact, there are 599 total words in the Doc Savage titles (counting hyphenated words as 1 each, of course) and 37 words occur at least 3 times. Still with me? After “the” the (are you trying to say this out loud?) next most used word is of(26). That’s no surprise, but it’s followed by Death(13), Terror(12), and some form of Devil(11). The others used 5 or more times are: Man(9), Men(6), Black(6), in(6), Island or Isle(6), Fear(5), and Mystery(5).

I guess the generic Doc Savage title would be: “The Terror Death” or “Terror of the Death Devil”. Wait, I kinda like that last one. Wasn’t that the May ’36 issue?

You say you want to see all the words?
Wordle: DocSavage.Org Doc Savage Title

Originally published sometime in the late 90s.

Doc Savage on the Funny Pages

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Doc Savage on the Funny Pages

Doc Savage Comic Strips by Dave Cockrum

We rarely feature Doc Savage material that doesn’t reside in the Hidalgo Trading Company. (Links get moved, sites close, and other problems just remind us it’s better to keep everything in-house.) That said, rush over to Rip Jagger’s Dojo to read The Return of Dave Cockrum’s Doc Savage — two weeks of Doc for the funny pages.

What is the Hidalgo Trading Company?

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The text below was written on the sixth anniversary of the Hidalgo Trading Company, the site I started in September 1996. It’s now almost 13 years of running a Doc Savage site. Some years were lean as Catherine and I spent more time raising the next generation Doc fan, but I’m looking forward to continuing the tradition of the HTC here on…

From September 2002….

What is the Hidalgo Trading Company?

In the Doc Savage novels it was the name of an imaginary concern. A warehouse on a pier in the Hudson River Harbor. The home of many of Doc’s autogyros, submarines, and other wonderful modes of transportation.

In September 1996 the Hidalgo Trading Company opened on the Internet. From the beginning I wanted one thing for the HTC: fan participation. In the past six years we’ve had fan artwork, articles, and fiction. We sponsored the first complete Doc Savage fan novel on the Internet: Bleeding Sun. We also had a hand in the creation of that shananigan.

A few months after opening the HTC I met a French speaking Doc Savage fan — Catherine. When we married she moved her Doc Savage website, L’homme de Bronze under the HTC banner.

Our next addition to the HTC wasn’t a website. We were fed up with all the spam we had to wade through on the Doc Savage discussion group. We could have followed many Doc fans and dropped the newsgroup. Instead we started the Flearun — a spam and flame free newsgroup for Doc fans.

On the HTC’s fifth aniversary (Sep. 2001) I wanted a permanent home for the HTC. It was about the time the .INFO domain opened. What better place for information about Doc Savage than DocSavage.Info? In April 2002 DocSavage.Org was made available. I added that domain and started building an online Doc Savage Encyclopedia.

During all the growth of the HTC there has been a single constant: reader participation. This is especially true today. Every page of DocSavage.Info and DocSavage.Org is coded to easily allow fans to add their thoughts.

We encourage you to wander through the many pages of DSI, DSO, and L’homme de Bronze. Don’t forget to add your voice to the many Doc fans before you.

By the way, Chris Kalb of the 86th Floor, created that Hidalgo Trading Company logo for me many, many years ago. Thanks again Chris!