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036 11/36 Resurrection Day

Nov 2, 1996 by

The sweeping genius of the Man of Bronze reaches into the very secret of life itself A stunned

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077 10/36 The South Pole Terror

Oct 22, 1996 by

What was the fabulous treasure Velma Crale had discovered in the South Pole And why was Cheaters

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021 09/36 Cold Death

Sep 15, 1996 by

Doc Savage meets his most merciless adversary -- VAR, the faceless fiend whose strange voice

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046 08/36 The Midas Man

Aug 9, 1996 by

Riches beyond the wealth of kings were within the evil grasp of The Midas Man His very thoughts

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076 07/36 The Black Spot

Jul 9, 1996 by

All the guests were dressed as gangsters but their millionaire host was dead in the library with a

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051 06/36 Haunted Ocean

Jun 19, 1996 by

An awesome power haunts the sea, paralyzes New York City and brings the most powerful nations of

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073 05/36 The Seven Agate Devils...

May 17, 1996 by

Murder on an international scale was being committed by a sinister mastermind His method -- an

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