Alan Hathway

May 16, 1970 / 0 comments

Alan Hathway wrote four Doc Savage novels.

Harold Davis

May 16, 1970 / 0 comments

Harold Davis wrote 13 Doc Savage novels.

Phillip Jose Farmer

May 16, 1970 / 7 comments

PJ Farmer wrote one Doc Savage adventure: Escape From Loki.

Lester Dent

May 15, 1970 / 1 comment

Lester Dent (1904-1959) was born in La Plata, Missouri. As an adult he was an imposing physical specimen, at 6’2″ and over 200 pounds, who cut a dashing figure and lived a vigorous, exciting, globe-trotting life just as adventurous as the characters he was famous for creating. He often sported a moustache and sometimes a beard. Lester Dent was married to Norma Dent, who also helped him in his writing career acting at times as his secretary.