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047 01/37 Land of Long Ju Ju

Jan 11, 1997 by

The ruthless power of The Shimba threatened to overthrow the good and gentle ruler of an African

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The Crimson Jaguar

Jan 5, 1997 by

In 1923, the Amazon Basin is a wild little-explored jungle Just the sort of place for a young

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Invisible Nation

Jan 4, 1997 by

You see them everyday They are the people who serve your lunch, the policeman on the corner, the

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Bloody Hands

Jan 3, 1997 by

Doc Savage stumbles onto evidence of a band of world-powerful industrialists Their solution to the

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Dark Satanic Mills

Jan 2, 1997 by

The stock market crash of 1929 was caused by irresponsible financiers Doc Savage's deductive skills

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Up From Earth's Center Sequel

Jan 1, 1997 by

"I would like to write the sequel, solve the puzzle, and have Doc be victorious" -- Phillip Jose

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052 12/36 The Vanisher

Dec 12, 1996 by

Twenty convicts vanished without a trace from maximum security cells, and top businessmen suddenly

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