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kastel1Roger Kastel painted a cover for Doc Savage Omnibus 3 and the poster for the film, Doc Savage: Man of Bronze.

While still a student Roger had his first paperback book cover published in the 1960’s by Pocket Books (Simon Schuster). All told, Roger estimates that he has done over a 1,000 illustrations for various publishers. Also in the 1960’s, a painting of Roger’s won first prize from the National Fire Underwriters. This painting was made into a fire safety poster that was used for many years and had high visibility.

By the 1970’s Roger Kastel hit full stride as an artist, becoming one of the most well respected illustrators in the business, working for every major publishing house in New York. — Roger Kastel

kastelDoc Savage study by Roger Kastel. Prints for sale at

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Joe DeVito Mon, 27 Oct 2014 04:20:47 +0000 joedevitoJoe DeVito (1957-present) has painted Doc Savage covers since 1991.

No matter the art, everything starts with drawing. Before I do anything else, I draw as many small sketches as necessary to arrive at a suitable composition. For any beginners reading this, this ‘thumbnail’ stage is of great importance. Most often illustrators, and artists in general, do not sit down and paint what comes to mind when their painting has specific criteria to meet. By doing loose little drawings, say 2”x3”, no time is wasted on unnecessary detail because you do not proceed until the overall composition is arrived at, or at least until an idea crystallized. At this stage you establish basic size relationships, shadow patterns, and the like with no effort at all. I never stop drawing until I have something which works. — Joe Devito, Notes on Painting

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Boris Vallejo Sun, 26 Oct 2014 23:46:50 +0000 Boris Vallejo (1941- ) painted six Doc Savage covers for Bantam.

Vallejo’s preferred artistic medium is oil paint on board, and has previously used digital media to combine discrete images to form composite images. Preparatory works are pencil or ink sketches — Wikipedia

Boris Vallejo

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Douglas Rosa Sun, 26 Oct 2014 20:19:09 +0000

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William Douglas Rosa (1932-1977) painted two Bantam covers in the Doc Savage series: The Lost Oasis and The Land of Terror. Vincent diFate postulated that Rosa got the call to do the covers while James Bama was on his honeymoon.

Douglas Rosa was an illustration artist from Long Island, who began his career as a freelance artist at age 19. He is perhaps best known for his depictions of the Viet Nam War where he was among several artists given temporary commissions by the Marine Corps fine arts program to spend seven weeks sketching battlefield scenes. His most famous work portrays the beloved U.S. Marine Corps chaplain and Catholic priest Lt. Vincent Robert Capodanno (1929-1967) on a Viet Nam battlefield. Capodanno lost his life ministering to troops in the Quang Tin province of Vietnam. Rosa’s painting was presented in 1975 to the Naval Base in Newport, Rhode Island, after Capodanno posthumously won the Congressional Medal of Honor. Rosa also has extensive credits for his western cowboy and science fiction illustrations and covers for popular books, including a series by fantasy author Talbot Mundy, as well as a series of Biblical scenes for The Living Story of the Old Testament by Walter Russell Bowie (1959). He worked in a realist style, and expressed a preference for “dramatic scenes and faces.” — George Glazer Gallery

A friend of Rosa’s, Cherane Pefly, wrote that Rosa passed away at the age of 42. I found a record of Rosa at the Long Island National Cemetery. Pefley also republished a flyer about Rosa:


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James Avati Sun, 26 Oct 2014 18:40:13 +0000


James Avati, 1912-2005, painted a single Bantam Doc Savage cover, Meteor Menace. According to Wikipedia, Avati “impressed Kurt Enoch at New American Library, a new paperback publishing house. He was a hit from the beginning and changed the style of cover painting by the early 1950s.”

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Steven Assel Sun, 26 Oct 2014 18:24:09 +0000 Escape from Loki. According to an interview with Will Murray, Phillip Jose Farmer had Assel repaint the cover to remove a Tommy-gun that Savage was cradling and replace it with a .45 automatic. Murray said Farmer was "adamant that the cover faithfully reflect the story." ]]> Escape from LokiSteve Assel painted a single Doc Savage Bantam cover: Escape from Loki. According to an interview with Will Murray, Phillip Jose Farmer had Assel repaint the cover to remove a Tommy-gun that Savage was cradling and replace it with a .45 automatic. Murray said Farmer was “adamant that the cover faithfully reflect the story.”

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199 09/14 The Ice Genius Thu, 23 Oct 2014 04:28:38 +0000 icegenius-cvr-577x870

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198 05/14 The War Makers Thu, 23 Oct 2014 04:15:39 +0000
Doc Savage The War Makers

Doc Savage The War Makers

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197 12/13 Phantom Lagoon Thu, 23 Oct 2014 04:11:22 +0000 phantomlagoon_cvr

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Winfried Gerhards: Doc Fantasy Cover Artist Wed, 22 Oct 2014 17:15:49 +0000 WinfriedGerhards
Winfried Gerhards is a Hamburg, Germany Doc Savage fan with a penchant for recreating Doc Savage covers. His style is whimsical, but Gerhards’ covers are well-imagined. Some covers are easy to recognize even without titles, such as his cover for Red Snow. It’s Gerhards’ roly-poly Doc as a snowman.

You need to know a bit about the film The Court Jester to get Gerhards’ take on, well, I won’t give away the title of the image at left.

If you’d like to see more of his work, you’ll have to open up Facebook to Gerhards’ Pulp Album. It’s well worth the look.

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Doc Con 17 Photos Tue, 21 Oct 2014 16:58:14 +0000 Doc Con is held yearly in Arizona. I was finally able to attend this year. Here are my photos from the weekend. (Check back in a few days for the rest…)


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El Hombre de Bronce Mon, 16 Dec 2013 14:47:46 +0000 Did you know Doc Savage was republished in Spanish? Neither did we, but a kind fan let us know all about El Hombre de Bronce! We’ve put together a list of Original and Spanish titles. (Originally published 1997)

El Hombre de Bronce!
Albobo’s old FatherBarcelona, Catalunya, Spain
Lista de titulos de DOC SAVAGE y otros, publicados en España y Argentina por la Editorial Molino a partir del 4 de Abril de 1936 hasta 1953, en la coleccion HOMBRES AUDACES que contena basicamente , cuatro personajes o heroes : DOC SAVAGE, LA SOMBRA, BILL BARNES y PETE RICE. La numeracion amparaba las publicaciones de todos estos personajes conjuntamente.
Spanish Title Original Title Orig. Mag No.
El hombre de Bronce The Man Of Bronze 1
La tierra del terror The Land Of Terror 2
Asesinos en accion Quest Of The Spider 3
El tesoro del Polo The Polar Treasure 4
Los piratas del Pacífico Pirate Of The Pacific 5
La Calavera Roja The Red Skull 6
1.000.000 de recompensa The Lost Oasis 7
El ogro del Mar de los Sargazos The Sargasso Ogre 8
La campana verde The Czar Of Fear 9
La ciudad fantasma The Phantom City 10
La marca del hombre lobo The Brand Of The Werewolf 11
El rey de las municiones The Munitions Master 66
El misterio de la nieve The Mystery On The Snow 15
Misterio en el abismo The Mystery Under The Sea 36
El gran terremoto Man Who Shook The Earth 12
Locura azul Meteor Menace
Los monstruos The Monsters 14
El terror purpureo
El hombre de las mil cabezas The Thousand-Headed Man 17
El manantial de juventud Fear Cay 19
La muerte vestida de plata Death In Silver 20
El mago del mar The Sea Magician 21
El aniquilador The Annihilist 22
El terror verde The Mystic Mullah 23
Nieve roja Red Snow 24
El pais de la nieve eterna The Land Of Always-Night 25
Legion de fantasmas The Spook Legion 26
Secreto del cielo The Secret In The Sky 27
Peligro oculto The Roar Devil 28
El inca gris Dust Of Death 32
La melodía del crimen Murder Melody 33
El crater fantasma Spook Hole 30
El Maji The Majii 31
La isla fantastica The Fantastic Island 34
El espejismo del crimen Murder Mirage 35
Misterio submarino Mystery Under The Sea 36
Los siete diablos de agata The Seven Agate Devils 39
El oceano encantado The Haunted Ocean 40
El amo del metal The Metal Master 37
Locura feroz Men Who Smiled No More 38
La marca negra The Black Spot 41
El nuevo Midas The Midas Man 42
El terror del Polo Sur The South Pole Terror 44
El jorobado misterioso The Vanisher 46
El dia de la resurreccion Ressurection Day 45
Los demonios rojos The Red Terrors 67
El secreto de Klantic The Mental Wizard 49
El rayo helado Cold Death 43
La muerte verde The Green Death 69
La meseta de la locura Mad Mesa 71
El castillo solitario The Fortress Of Solitude 68
La nube amarilla The Yellow Cloud 72
El ghengis diabolico The Devil Genghis 70
El pais del Largo Juju The Land Of Long Juju 47
El tiburon moteado The Freckled Shark 73
Ojos de locura Mad Eyes 51
La tierra del miedo The Land Of Fear 52
Terror en la flota The Terror In the Navy 50
El puede detener el mundo He Could Stop The World 53
Ost Ost 54
El hombre pulpo The Feathered Octopus 55
El fantastico Repel Repel 56
El angel del mar The Sea Angel 57
El peligro dorado The Golden Peril 58
La amenaza del fuego The Living Fire Menace 59
El monstruo de la montaña The Mountain Monster 60
Demonio en la luna Devil On The Moon 61
El espectro del pirata The Pirate’s Ghost 62
El muro invisible The Motion Menace 63
El submarino misterioso The Submarine Mystery 64
Los fantasmas que rien The Giggling Ghosts 65
Los ogros de oro The Gold Ogre 75
El pajaro asesino The Flaming Falcons 76
Mercaderes de desastres Merchants Of Disaster 77
La serpiente roja The Crimson Serpent 78
La isla del veneno Poison Island 79
El hombre de piedra The Stone Man 80
La ciudad de los espectros Hex 81
El signo del puñal The Dagger In The Sky 82
El otro mundo The Other World 83
El fantasma iracundo The Angry Ghost 84
Los hombres moteados The Spotted Men 85
El enano maligno The Evil Gnome 86
El amo del terror The Boss Of Terror 87
El huevo espantoso The Awful Egg 88
Fantasmas que rien… The Flying Goblin 89
El tunel del terror The Tunnel Terror 90
El dragon purpureo The Purple Dragon 91
Demonios del abismo Devils Of The Deep 92
La dinastia sangrienta The Awful Dynasty 93
La comarca del diablo The Devil’s Playground 95
Herencia diabolica Bequest Of Evil 96
El hombre de oro The Golden Man 98
La misteriosa luz blanca The All-White Elf 97
La muchacha color de rosa The Pink Lady 99
La legion de los descabezados The Headless Men 100
El aguila verde The Green Eagle 101
Thanks to:Albobo’s old Father, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain and his son,
Albert Bosch i Boixereu

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