146g 11/47 Once Over Lightly

November 17, 2007 / 2 comments

Sudden death turns a carefree vacation into a captive hell, as Doc races to prevent a terrifying transaction that could reduce America’s cities to radioactive rubble!

145g 09/47 Let’s Kill Ames

September 19, 2007 / 2 comments

When a beautiful but unscrupulous con-artist gets herself entangled in a poisonous extortion plot, only Doc Savage and his bold crew can discover the hidden antidote for murder.

144g 07/47 The Monkey Suit

July 4, 2007 / 3 comments

Why are people being murdered for a rented, moth-eaten ape costume? Doc and his crew battle to unmask the deadly mystery — and to keep a billion-dollar scientific breakthrough out of the hands of gangland gorillas.

143g 05/47 No Light to Die By

May 17, 2007 / 3 comments

An eerie illumination in the moonless night sky lights a path to destruction for Doc Savage — as the Man of Bronze must defuse the most explosive threat to mankind since the atom bomb!

155i 03/47 Danger Lies East

March 12, 2007 / 2 comments

War is about to break out in the Middle East — unless Doc and his men can stop a fanatic from giving the word to his millions of crazed followers. Doc’s quest to find the madman becomes a terrifying race to save the world from total annihilation!

176p 02/47 The Death Lady

February 9, 2007 / 1 comment

Doc and the gang head for the Brazilian jungle to rescue a missing heiress, but instead of a damsel in distress they find a lovely lady with a heart of darkness.

175p 01/47 Target for Death

January 1, 2007 / 2 comments

When a seemingly innocent letter leaves a trail of dead bodies, Doc tracks the mysterious sender halfway round the world to stamp out a killer whose punishment is long overdue.