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167m 03/42     The Too-Wise Owl

03/42 The Too-Wise Owl

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Doc is lured to the criminal hideout of an evil genius and an experiment with the incredible Vitamin M — a nutrient that can make a man incredibly smart — or terminally stupid!

141f 02/42     Men of Fear

02/42 Men of Fear

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What turned Doc’s tough, hard-fisted crew into quivering cowards? To find out, Doc races into a strange mystery and the bizarre secret of a foreign power!

The Bantam cover of this novel reuses a part of the artwork from the Bantam edition of “The Green Death.”

133d 01/42     The Rustling Death

01/42 The Rustling Death


A powerful weapon of destruction has been unleashed — a device which can disintegrate the defenseless population. Can Doc and his crew save their country — or will this tool of doom become a madman’s terrifying toy?