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7/01 The Hand of Death


Fresh from the battle torn skies of Europe Doc is confronted with a terrifying new mystery. What is this strange malady that strikes men down and rots the flesh from their bones? The mystery begins in New York but quickly moves to the fetid marshes of Louisiana. Doc and his amazing men battle a cruel gang in their quest for the secret of the Hand of Death.
Read The Hand of Death, a Doc Savage novel by Tom Barnett, at Flearun Newsgroup

7/01 The Steel Hammer


Renny had seen a same thing in the Great War, and knew instantly that the patrolman was correct. This man had been killed by poison gas. Not on a battlefield in a far-off place overseas, but in the heart of a major American city in broad daylight!

a Doc Savage novel by Dave Taggart

7/01 The Polar Terror


From the snow-shrouded reaches of the North Pole comes a being in glittering blue who turns men to ice with a single touch. After a vicious gang gets hold of the secret, a trail of frozen corpses leads the mighty man of bronze on a perilous quest beneath the earth for the answer to the mystery behind an ancient lost race’s desperate battle for survival and a fortune in sapphires.

Read The Polar Terror, a Doc Savage novel by Howard Hopkins, at Flearun Newsgroup

7/01 The Man Who Ruled the Sun


The burning destruction of a small Midwest town and a dying man’s words sends Doc Savage and his men to investigate the activities of the deadly spymaster, HARBINGER, and his ‘Horsemen of the Apocalypse’. Can the Man of Bronze stop this fiendish menace before it brings more death and destruction?

Read The Man Who Ruled the Sun, a Doc Savage novel by Lance Curry, at Flearun Newsgroup

5/01 The Stone Death


Men who turn to stone is the stuff of mythology. There is simply no room for a medusa in the scientific world of 1940. Then a mysterious summons leads Doc Savage to once living men turned to stone! The Man of Bronze and his fearless crew pursue the Medusa …until the “Stone Death” is turned on Doc Savage himself! Can even he survive its awesome power?

Read The Stone Death, a Doc Savage novel by Jeff Deischer, at DocSavage.Info

227 05/00 Bleeding Sun

5/00 Bleeding Sun


Doc and his courageous crew race to the Far East to combat the Axis plague! Can they solve the mystery of an insidious new weapon certain to turn the tide of the war? What causes the sun to turn red and ships to disappear? Can mere light really turn a man to smoke and ashes? Will Doc and Monk save Ham in time or will he too die under a bleeding sun?

Read the Bleeding Sun, a Doc Savage Novel by Duane Spurlock, at DocSavage.Info