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178r 03/44     The Derelict of Skull Shoal

03/44 The Derelict of Skull Shoal


In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean a dog howls — launching Doc and his crew on a high-seas adventure involving bloodthirsty pirates, man-eating sharks, and an island of zombie-killers!

110b 02/44     Death Had Yellow Eyes

02/44 Death Had Yellow Eyes

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Out of the darkness, yellow and bodiless eyes peer into the faces of Doc Savage and his crew. And when Monk vanishes inside a locked room, Doc leaps to the rescue — plunging straight into a vicious international maelstrom that could change the course of history!

111a 01/44     According to Plan of a One-Eyed Mystic

01/44 According to Plan of a One-Eyed Mys


A criminal master of mind-control conspires to sell the ultimate weapon of terror and destruction to the Nazis. Only Doc and his daring crew can stop him. They trail their malevolent quarry to the frozen Arctic sea — and fall into an icy evil trap of machine guns, U-boats and sheer insanity! (Bantam renamed this “One-Eyed Mystic”)

137e 12/43     The Spook of Grandpa Eben

12/43 The Spook of Grandpa Eben


Can an ancient ring put a curse on its hapless victims? Doc and his crew must uncover the incredible truth — or be condemned for murder!

126b 11/43     The Secret of the Su

11/43 The Secret of the Su


The Nazis have offered three million dollars for the ancient treasure — and the insidious Dr. Light is eager to betray his country to feed his lust for power. Doc Savage and his amazing crew race toward the devastating secret buried in the Everglades. Deep in the jungle, they must battle a race of warriors from the lost continent of Atlantis — with the fate of the civilized world at stake!

125a 10/43     The Goblins

10/43 The Goblins


Doc Savage and his crew are cornered. They’re pinned down in a blazing crossfire between the forces of law, a ruthless master criminal and the most horrible horror the Man of Bronze has ever faced. A terror squad of tiny green men with fiendish grins — whose slightest touch means instant, agonizing death!

099a 09/43      Hell Below

09/43 Hell Below


A mad refugee from Hitler’s crumbling Reich has set up a powerful fortress in Mexico. The plan? Capture Doc Savage and bring him by submarine to the desert hideout … enlist his aid in carrying out the “New Effort” — the one that will succeed where Hitler failed!