All by: clark

064  05/38     The Motion Menace

05/38 The Motion Menace


The Man of Bronze and his cousin Pat face an inordinate challenge: a machine that makes all modern weapons worthless. A gang of international thieves in control of the invention are shooting high: World Control.

062  04/38     The Pirate’s Ghost

04/38 The Pirate’s Ghost


At his supersensational best, the Man of Bronze finesses an international band of modern day pirates in possession of the master invention by the Mad Genius of Death Valley!

050  03/38     Devil on the Moon

03/38 Devil on the Moon


A fiery red flash bursts through the silence of the night … a dying green man insists he’s been held captive on the moon .. a small blue capsule conceals an unearthly medallion. Can the invincible Man of Bronze piece together this weird puzzle in time to save the world from the devilish merchants of international war?

061  01/38     The Living Fire Menace

01/38 The Living Fire Menace


Nations arming for international conflict engage in a behind-the-scenes mineral war that threatens to disrupt the natural balance of the universe. The Man of Bronze rises to the titanic peak of his strength and wit to uncover the secret of the cavern with the living fire!