104b 07/44 The Man Who Was Scared

July 16, 2004 / 1 comment

A simple breakfast cereal sends Doc after a faceless criminal mastermind who is plotting nationwide horror. Following a wild battle in New York’s Grand Central Station, Doc discovers two shuddering facts — his crew has vanished, and the cops, army, and FBI want him for murder!

101a 06/44 The Pharaoh’s Ghost

June 9, 2004 / 2 comments

In the mysterious land of the sphinx, Doc Savage and his crew confront a sinister foe — who uses a pharaoh’s curse and machine guns to carry out his evil will. Doc trails the malevolent genius to his remote hideout, just as his friends are scheduled for sacrifice to bloodthirsty gods!

136e 05/44 The Three Devils

May 17, 2004 / 1 comment

A strange supernatural beast stalks the northern wilds. Can Doc put an end to its reign of terror — before a ruthless band of fanatics puts an end to Doc?

103a 04/44 The Whisker of Hercules

April 2, 2004 / 3 comments

A superhuman god springs from mythology to terrorize and destroy. Those who cross its malevolent path also discover a quick way to die. Doc Savage and his crew set out to stop this ancient evil, and just as Doc closes in — he’s face to face with a silver-haired Adonis!

178r 03/44 The Derelict of Skull Shoal

March 11, 2004 / 3 comments

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean a dog howls — launching Doc and his crew on a high-seas adventure involving bloodthirsty pirates, man-eating sharks, and an island of zombie-killers!

110b 02/44 Death Had Yellow Eyes

February 9, 2004 / 1 comment

Out of the darkness, yellow and bodiless eyes peer into the faces of Doc Savage and his crew. And when Monk vanishes inside a locked room, Doc leaps to the rescue — plunging straight into a vicious international maelstrom that could change the course of history!

000 Moran

December 18, 2002 / 0 comments