179r WI/49 The Green Master

January 17, 2009 / 1 comment

In a secret fortress high in the Andes, Doc and his crew are enslaved by a race of extrasensory super-blondes who worship a strange green stone with a life of its own!

180r 05/48 Terror Wears No Shoes

May 13, 2008 / 1 comment

When one of his trusty crew mysteriously vanishes in the Orient, Doc’s investigation leads to a beautiful glamour-puss, a deadly virus, and a diabolical plot to poison America!

176p 02/47 The Death Lady

February 9, 2007 / 1 comment

Doc and the gang head for the Brazilian jungle to rescue a missing heiress, but instead of a damsel in distress they find a lovely lady with a heart of darkness.

175p 01/47 Target for Death

January 1, 2007 / 2 comments

When a seemingly innocent letter leaves a trail of dead bodies, Doc tracks the mysterious sender halfway round the world to stamp out a killer whose punishment is long overdue.

172n 11/46 The Devil is Jones

November 11, 2006 / 3 comments

A man, a woman, or the devil himself: who — or what — is the elusive, mysterious Jones? Doc better find out quick, before he’s framed for murder!

174p 10/46 Death in Little Houses

October 17, 2006 / 1 comment

A group of bearded mountain men steals pieces of a miniature model home and a lady trucker is marked for death — only Doc can put the pieces of this bizarre puzzle together before murder rules the road.

177p 09/46 The Exploding Lake

September 12, 2006 / 1 comment

A lake vanishes in a fireball, a gregarious blonde with an ocelot cub, and a far-off land of mystery spell trouble for Doc and his crew — and finis for the world as we know it.

170n 08/46 Three Times a Corpse

August 13, 2006 / 1 comment

All Doc wanted was a quiet vacation, but what he gets instead is a femme fatale with a curious lucky streak, a bottle of poisoned bourbon, and a man who dies three times!

169n 06/46 Colors for Murder

June 5, 2006 / 3 comments

A kidnapping, a killing, and a young woman on the run set Doc on an explosive trail of conspiracy and intrigue that leads straight to a group of mysterious, multicolored whales!

171n 05/46 Death is a Round Black Spot

May 17, 2006 / 1 comment

Doc is summoned to a small Missouri town where violent death is a way of life — and a black spot marks the next victim!

178r 03/44 The Derelict of Skull Shoal

March 11, 2004 / 3 comments

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean a dog howls — launching Doc and his crew on a high-seas adventure involving bloodthirsty pirates, man-eating sharks, and an island of zombie-killers!

173p 02/41 Bequest of Evil

February 2, 2001 / 0 comments

One of Doc’s friends inherits a Canadian estate, but they all get more than they bargained for, including kidnappers, torture, an Arctic colony of slaves — and a diabolical madman with a plot to rule the world!